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"Jeff has provided my company with a number of safety lectures relating to LPG and LPG Equipment. These were extremely informative, easy to understand and enjoyed by all employees attending."
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Manual Handling

Sensory Impairment Awareness Course

Raising awareness of the issue of service users who have sensory impairments within the care environment.

By the end of the session learners will be able to:

  • Explain “what is sensory impairment?”
  • Identify ways it can affect the service user
  • State ways for improvement of the quality of life of the service user with sensory impairment
  • Engage in role play around the issues of hearing loss, visual impairment
  • State other senses that may be affected i.e. taste, smell and how to make food visually attractive for the service users
  • Identify hazards to the service user with visual impairments and ways of reducing their impact

Guided learning Hours - 3 Hours

Certificate of Attendance